ShangHai Testeeel Industry CO., LTD is the professional supplier of roadway safety and traffic facilities products, we are engaging in the roadways safety products production, construction, sale. Our products focus on the roadway safety and 'keep the road more safety 'is our purpose, Our products are sold to worldwide, Our market includes EU, USA, South America, Middle East, RUSSIA, EAST SOUTH ASIA, AFRICA. ETC. We have factory in JIANGSU PROVINCE,Our products include Raised Pavement Markers (road stud), Highway Delineator, Anti-Glare Screen, Solar Traffic Facilities(including solar road stud, solar traffic light, solar traffic signal), Guardrail, Reflective sheeting for traffic sign, Fencing barrier serial, Glass Beads for road reflective marker, Rubber Speed Hump, Traffic light, Traffic signal, Traffic cone, Convex Mirror, Road Line Marking Machine and Paint..
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